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Earth After Oil

Ever thought about what the world would be like, after it runs out of oil?
This is a very interesting perspective.


I think this is a must watch for everybody, especially if you have any concern about Climate, Population or Energy.

Following the event’s of the Subsidy removal, I found this video online, I must confess it’s quite interesting.


As the protest against the Federal Government’s fuel subsidy removal enters it’s fifth day. Below are some of the pictures from the OCCUPY NIGERIA – Freedom Park, Ojota-Lagos.

Photos courtesy: Kayode Olowu.


As the breeze of revolution blows into sub-Saharan Africa, Nigerians unite in one voice
to say no to the “un-popular” policies of the Government.

These images simply portray the feelings of the common man on the Nigerian Street,
taken from the “OCCUPY NIGERIA” Gani Fawehimi (Freedom Park) , Lagos.

Please feel free to leave your comments and views. Thanks and God bless Nigeria.
Pictures courtesy: Kayode Olowu.